Dance Classes

We offer professional training in over 40 classes a week.  Join our friendly and hard working classes in Commercial, Street Dance, Disco Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Tap, Musical Theatre, Theatre Dance, Drama and Singing.

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Ballet is where it all began.

Originally from the 15th Century and used as a court dance in Italy, Ballet is now one of the most graceful and popular dance styles showcased by companies all around the world. It is the most internationally recognised dance style and has strong syllabus content.

We at 815 Performing Arts follow the internationally recognised IDTA Ballet syllabus, which teaches the students strength, grace, poise, control and concentration as well as giving them an understanding of their own body and strong technical ability. Ballet has and always will be a foundation for all dance styles and learning ballet benefits every other dance styleWith Ballet, the more you learn, the more you can see the links for yourself.

At 815 Performing Arts, we believe in the foundation and the importance of Ballet. Our Ballet classes are just as fun and engaging as the other classes we offer. We are firm believers that Ballet does not have to be a serious, uninteresting or daunting journey to perfection. We train our dancers to the highest standard while maintaining an enjoyable and fun environment.

We are passionate and love what we do which transfers onto our students too! 

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary Dance is an expressive style which combines a number of other different dance genres to produce a unique and entertaining performance. Contemporary is created by a combination of modern dance, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. It gives all of the students the freedom to express themselves as well as tell stories, show themes and display emotions through the medium of dance.

The Contemporary Dance Classes at 815 Performing Arts embody all of these aspects and are built upon a strong focus on technique. We follow the IDTA syllabus exercises for examinations and technique alongside using themed choreography in classes. Contemporary is a powerful dance style that can move an audience and make a statement. Within the classes at 815 Performing Arts, we always ensure we teach students about technique, power, flexibility and musicality.

Contemporary Dance is a great class for anybody who loves to dance and for those who want to explore their emotions and creativity.

Disco Jazz

The Disco Dance classes at 815 Performing Arts are high energy and technical dance classes. Disco Dance requires a student to master their own flexibility, speed, accuracy and strength.

Students will build strength and learn precise control of their bodies as they work through the IDTA Disco Dance syllabus. Students will learn many techniques unique to the Disco Dance style as well as various jumps and leaps. These techniques are something that sets us apart at events, competitions and from other dance schools.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre Classes from 815 Performing Arts will cover three key and essential components of performance, which are as follows:

  • Singing – Students will learn songs from the biggest and most iconic musicals from around the world. They will learn how to project their voice, control their breathing and explore their range in a group as well as a solo performer.
  • Dancing – Students will learn the techniques required to move around the stage as they sing so that their vocals are not affected.
  • Acting – Students will learn how to use their emotions while singing to engage with an audience and enhance their performance.

It is a fully comprehensive class and is perfect for those who feel at home on a stage, in front of an audience or are considering Musical Theatre as a career.

Commercial & Street Dance

Commerical Street Dance is an iconic dance style that is characterised by high energy movements with a number of different techniques. Street Dance can be bouncy and fluid or sharp, locked and strong. It provides an excellent understanding of the dynamics and movement and how music can be expressed. At 815 Performing Arts, students will be trained with IDTA qualified teachers and experienced choreographers for competitive and commercial street dance. You will get a complete and comprehensive Commercial Street Dance education at 815 Performing Arts.

We combine Street Dance with Disco Dance techniques when we teach Street Dance classes, which gives students an incredible base for strength and flexibility upon which to build other dance styles and high-level movements. Street Dance students have been found to be the strongest and most versatile dancers across both Disco Dance and Street Dance.

Tap Dance

Tap Dance is a dance style that is characterised by using the sounds of the tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion. The sounds are created from either one single metal plate on the toe or two metal plates on both the heel and toe of the shoes.

At 815 Performing Arts, we follow the IDTA Tap Dance syllabus which provides students with an all-rounded understanding of tap dancing steps and rhythms. Tap Dancing is a great style of dance used in many productions and is great for anybody who wants to improve their strength, rhythm, timing and musicality.

Rhythm Tap Dance

Get ready to take your Tap to a whole other level! These classes are high energy, empowering and inspiring. Classes encompass American style rhythm tap, enabling the participant to develop themselves as both a dancer and a musician, bridging history with contemporary style movement and rhythm. Classes are 1 hour 15 minutes and encompass a rudiment warm-up, developmental exercises and drills, and challenging choreography. Whatever your level, we will cater the class to ensure everyone is able to learn, make progress, have fun and get a work out in.



Private Singing Class

Private singing lessons are a tailor-made approach to learning to sing. Singers are taught to develop healthy vocal use to create a strong, flexible and well controlled sound within their chosen styles. Available in 30 minute slots, each session is entirely individual and suited to the needs of the singer. Private lessons are designed to artistically inspire students, equip them with appropriate technique and are perfectly suited to those who wish to explore what it is to be a solo singer.

Advanced Squad

Our advanced squads are invitation-only classes available for Commercial, Contemporary & Musical Theatre.

These are our event and competitive training classes. They are very different from our standard classes because there is a strong focus on stamina and strength as well as technique, musicality and performance.

These classes is for the most dedicated of students as it requires extra rehearsals and attendance at events. Great classes if you really want to improve and have the opportunity to perform and compete both in the UAE and internationally.

You must be already attending a standard class and we do advise you to have been training for at least one term with us.