Over the last two weeks these 3 Level 1 students competed for the first time ever and placed 3rd at both competitions! They were absolutely excellent and their 815 family are SO proud!! Well done Luna, Bobby & Nora! ⚓️ 💙

Level 1 Students in sailor dresses with blue leotards, white skirts and tap shoes

Another big round of applause for our gorgeous Level 2 students who also competed for the first time ever! They came home with a 2nd place and a 3rd place at the two competitions!! Anna, Bella and Belle, you were fabulous and we couldn’t be prouder of you!! 🦩🩷

Level 2 Students in pink frufru leotards with pink bows in their hair.

And finally… our Level 3 and Senior students!
3 gold, 12 silver and 7 bronze place awards!!! Your hard work and dedication does NOT go unnoticed! They were absolute superstars this weekend and did 815 very proud! Well done Nora, Maeve, Julia, Marina, Sophia, Ginger, Freja, Niamh, Alex, Olivia, Veena and Pepper 🤍

Level 3 & Senior students in a line wearing red flowing skirt leotards. One boy is wearing a red t-shirt and black shorts ready to compete.
Level 3 & Senior students lined up with their medals and certificates.